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Pastor Greg Huffman

About Us

Dr. Greg Huffman comes to Brookside to serve as pastor for senior care and counseling.


Dr. Greg Huffman was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Rockford, Illinois.  He comes from a very godly family who taught him to love God and to serve him with all his heart at an early age.  He was saved at the age of six and dedicated his life to full-time Christian service a few years later.


He met his wife, Ruth, as a student at Tennessee Temple University in 1967.  They married in the summer of 1968.  After gradutation from Temple Theological Seminary, they moved to Florida to assume a position as an assistant pastor in a thriving ministry.  But after two years, the Lord led them to relocate to Albany, GA, where they started a church.  After twelve years of ministry there, they moved to Atlanta for Dr. Huffman to serve as a senior pastor there.  During his five years there, Dr. Huffman began his work on a masters degree in Biblical Counseling, which he received in 1984.


The Lord then redirected them to Macon, GA, for the next fifteen years, where he served as a senior pastor and the president of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools.  He also served on the board of the American Association of Christian Schools during some of these years.  For the next four years, he served as senior pastor of a thriving ministry in Virginia, leading the church in missions and Christian education, as well as camping and outreach ministries.


By God's divine leadership, Dr. and Mrs. Huffman were led to Pillsbury Baptist Bible College where he assumed the presidency of the college in May of 2008.  Shortly after this time, the national economic crisis made it obvious that the fall enrollment would be greatly reduced, and the financial status of the college would become dire.  The Board of Trustees made the decision to close the college after several other alternatives were explored and proven to be unfruitful.  The Lord used Dr. and Mrs. Huffman to "pastor" the faculty, staff, and students during the last months of the college, directing them all to focus on "who God is," rather than "why God has so led" in this situation.  In the following months, Dr. and Mrs. Huffman took an extensive trip to six of the Christian colleges where their students transferred, endeavoring to encourage and strengthen these students in their journey with the Lord.


Dr. and Mrs. Huffman have three sons, all of whom are serving in vocational ministry

as well.


Dr. and Mrs. Huffman celebrate their marriage on the third day of every month, and presently have celebrated 496 months.  It is their desire to finish their ministry with a strong voice for the Lord and his leadership.  "When God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."  And when the Lord pulls them out of "the oven,"  they want Him to say, "Well done."



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