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Pastor Ken Keltner

About Us

Our executive pastor was born in Greenville, South Carolina.  While Pastor Kenís dad was stationed in Greenville with the Air Force, a Bob Jones University student led him to Christ.  When he finished his enlistment, he enrolled at BJU and studied for the ministry.  After a few years as a youth pastor, they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Ken grew up.  He was saved at the age of five. While growing up in a pastorís home, Ken developed a love for the ministry.  After graduating from Bob Jones, Ken returned to Tulsa where he taught and coached in the Christian school his dad had founded.  He served as interim youth pastor as well. After several years, he became a youth and music pastor at Tulsa Baptist Temple, where his love for missions increased.  He brought that heart for missions to Tri City Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado, where he developed an in-depth missions program, as well as serving in various other capacities.  Twelve years and four children later, Pastor Ken and his family moved from Denver to Dunbar. After serving five years as Director of Student Development at Northland Baptist Bible College, he felt God calling him to Brookside Baptist Church. Pastor Ken and Kathy have enjoyed being involved in all aspects of ministry, and all of their sons have caught that vision as well.  Kyle, Kevin, and Keith are studying for Youth Ministries at Lancaster Bible College, and Kurt will follow in a few years.  Pastor Ken has traveled the country, as well as several foreign countries, challenging and training teens and adults for the Great Commission. 



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