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We love to hear from our listeners how the ministry of The Word for Life has impacted them.  Below are some of the comments that we've collected from around the world.  If you would like to add your voice, please use the contact us form to submit your testimony to us, and we will consider it for publication on the web site.

keijo    11 February 2010 13:10 | södertälje

Thank you Lord for our faith and peace with heavenly power and joy ,and let us be involves at gospel in our the towns best and salvation with healing and hope,thanks and bless and pray, keijo sweden

Andrewyego    22 January 2010 03:16 | Kenya

Enjoyed viewing your page. May the Almighty God's name be glorified Amen.

Sue    16 December 2009 09:26 | Waukesha, WI

I listen to your radio broadcast before I get up in the morning and I must tell you God works in funny ways. Sometimes I will be praying about something and ask God a question about something I do not understand and He uses your program to answer the questions. A couple of times I nearly fell out of bed because you stated the question almost exactly as I asked God about and then proceeded to answer the question.

Also, because you consistently speak the truth in love - just about the time I feel like I will never be a faithful servant I feel a renewed hope that I am a work in progress and there is room for error and repentance. I think it is because you are honest about your own struggles.
God is clearly using your ministry to educate and enrich people and encouraging them to remain faithful and to keep running the race to win the prize!

Thank you for all that you do.

G Thomas    17 October 2009 00:33 |

I'm an ardent listener to your broardcast on the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua. I'm blessed by your ministry. The study of Habakkuk is your current program here. God Bless.

John Thrower    21 September 2009 20:09 |

I really enjoy listening to the broadcast. It is very helpful in my Christian growth. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.

John Coulthrust    02 September 2009 11:42 | Barbados

Hello Gentlemen,
I thoroughly enjoy listening to your pro-gramme on Harbour Light of the Windwards. Each weekday morning we get your 15 min. broadcast which airs at 6.45am, and indeed it is a blessing to myself and many others who take the time to listen.

Your simple yet very informative way of explaining the gospel, is pertinent to those who are following the straight and narrow path of Jesus Christ,as well as to those who need the redeeming application of the Savior's Blood.

Keep the good work up gentlemen, and be encouraged by the exposition of Isaiah 40:8 which says,"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for EVER."

Natalia    28 July 2009 02:38 | Lithuania

We are listening for your radio in Lithuania! Thank you for your precious work for the Lord Jesus!

RICHARD D ALLSOPP    23 July 2009 16:02 | BARBADOS

I always like to listen to this programme which comes on early in the am weekdays always very interesting topics.

Sheila Henson    08 July 2009 01:31 | McAllen, Texas 78504

Enjoy your program.

Verline Grant    13 May 2009 12:29 | Tobago, West Indies

Listening to TWFL is indeed an enlightening and a refreshing moment. God bless you in your vineyard.

Francisco Lazcano    12 April 2009 12:29 | Waukesha, WI

I want to thank you for all your preaching to me from the Word of God. I have enjoyed listening to you when I can at work because in my field of work I work most weekends and find it a blessing that I can still receive the Lords message. Thanks again and may God keep Blessing your Ministry!

Keijo    01 April 2009 13:55 | Sweden

And all we can do something for glory to God and for our neighbors help and salvation to the lost, for let us go an and do greatful deeds in Jesus name ,and let our trumpet play music, thanks and bless and pray for the scandinavien, again, thanks and bless and joy, Keijo Sweden

Teah    30 March 2009 14:34 | Worcester

I had dicovered the wounderful things that god is doing in the ministry. It is obviously important that you please sent me some materials for my personal studies.

Janice Whittaker    24 March 2009 12:35 | Barbados

I enjoy your programme on radio carriacou.

Manel L. Mecate    21 March 2009 16:37 | Guam, U.S.A.

The Lord has been using your radio programs greatly in my life. The Lord knows what I need to hear. I tell the Lord, Lord, they're talking about me. I have experienced the "change of name by God" as well recently. It's a long story. Life makes sense now. Away with self! Away with the world! God is indeed living and really good!

Please send me your magazines and other resources for growth. Thanks much and Lord bless!

Susan Kuziel    13 March 2009 14:09 | Wonder Lake, IL 60097

Thank you for your "to the point" discussions of God's Word. Keep it up ! !

Glenn M Brown    01 March 2009 20:21 | Ogden Utah

Heard your show on AM 820 for the first time and loved it.

Verline Grant    24 February 2009 12:30 |

Listen to your Daily Radio Broadcast. It's indeed a blessing. I trust that God will continue to Bless you in your vineyard.

Paula    24 February 2009 12:07 | Princeton

I am listening to your wonderful site as I work. It keeps me calm and focused and also inspired.  Thank you!

John Dierenfeldt    18 February 2009 08:04 | United States

Dr. O and brother Sam, thanks for the fellowship around the "Word". I am somewhat on board with this internet option, but my oars slow me down! My own cup of coffee tastes so much better as I sit and listen early in the morning with you. Thanks for the fellowship, exhortation, encouragement and excitement to live for our Lord Jesus Christ! Psalm 73:28 "But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works."

Chris Hughes    26 January 2009 09:57 | Arkansas

May The Lord bless you for the beautiful heart warming music that you provide. We will try to give to your ministry as we are able.

Thank you Chris & Karen

Freddy Mumbuli    15 January 2009 12:35 | Arusha, Tanzania

I love you in the name of Jesus Christ!

Mellanie Joseph    13 January 2009 13:57 | St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Good Afternoon,

Just wanted to say that your program is an inspiration to me every morning before I go out to work. Please continue to spread God's word through this ministry.

May God continue to bless Mr. Horns and Mr. Olliela and their families and this ministry broadcast.

A daughter of God,

Keijo    16 November 2008 08:47 | Sweden

And the word of life in God is your mouth and hearts and, when he will come out he will always do greatful deeds around us in our neighbor and friends ,so joy and let the word do miracles daily in us,thanks andbles and pray, Keijo Sweden



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